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Jenn Wood


I am currently Covid unemployed.  This led to way too much sitting and fretting about the world - so I decided to focus on some art projects instead.  Folks kept asking if they could buy my art projects....and then this all happened.

  I was a long term rafting and zipline guide - and am lucky enough to live really close to my home river where I go rafting or kayaking all summer.  Generally I am a lover of rivers, the woods, and low key adventures. 

   When Covid struck I was working as an early education teacher and trying to transition into being an old home rehabber and "good enough" builder.  Frustrations and delays plagued my projects all summer - but throwing myself into making fun art has really helped with all the feelings of being overwhelmed and unable to move forward.  

    If you have a request for something original get in touch and I'll see what I can do.  If you see something that's sold and want something similar I'll see what I can do.  Just trying to make some art collecting accessible to all the lovely people.

I have a donation habit, so a portion of each purchase goes to: Operation Smile, Kiva, ActBlue, Tapestry Health, and the Food Bank of Western Mass. and many other random one time donations.

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